Halfon calls for restoration of 10p tax rate

January 3, 2013

Cut taxes for a living wage

Robert Halfon MP is leading a campaign to restore the 10p rate of Income Tax.  Robert says,

  • “We need lower taxes for everyone. That’s why we are urging the Coalition Government to give us a LIVING WAGE, and to bring back the 10p rate of income tax, when the economy recovers.
  • “Labour and Gordon Brown SCRAPPED the 10p tax-band. This crushed working people with a tax-rise of £232 a year.
  • “This was a disaster. The only realistic way to give us a living wage is by cutting taxes for lower earners and bringing back the 10p rate.
  • “If income tax was cut to 10p, on all earnings below £12,000, YOU would keep around £256 more in YOUR pay-packet, every year. This would cost the Government about £6 billion pounds annually.
  • “Yes, this is expensive. But it’s worth it.  The low-paid would benefit the most, as a share of income.  Please help us to get a LIVING WAGE for millions of low-paid Britons.”